Charley Buckland

Biography 2015

Charley Buckland: a multi-instrumentalist composer and songwriter, has performed and recorded with numerous artists during his musical life.  He is also currently a member of the groups Matou, Mecca Bodega, Atomic Mary. Charley has composed and produced numerous recordings, including: Spider Heart, Dreams, Woodlands, Symbiotic, Lakota Theme for the Lakota Sioux Indian Dance Theater, Peoples Wings for the first Native American Music Awards (NAMA); and Southern Grass for the play First Time for Barbie which won the Beaux Arts Award for Best Play. He released two records in Europe and Japan with Phantom, rereleased in 2009.  He has also taught as an adjunct music professor at Webster University in Holland.

Latest releases include

Ghosthorse: Ksa, a collaboration with Tiokasin Ghosthorse and Dan Grigsby combines indigenous and contemporary music. Pieces from the CD are featured in the Aegis Film & Television documentary On Sacred Ground.  

Matou: Hupo Hono a fusion of Native American flute music with the powerful traditional chants of the Māori; acoustic guitar mixes with beautiful vocal harmonies to create a mellow, yet exciting sound; funk beats combine Native American rattles and drums. 

Paul Mueller: Floating on Land 

Currently in the works Murder of Crows and a collaboration with long time friend Soni Moreno

Contact Information & Links:

Email: charleybuckland@gmail.com

Web Addresses: www.charleybuckland.com, www.ghosthorse.biz,